Thursday, February 09, 2006

Random Thoughts on the Grammys

It's a crazy time with a lot going on (deadlines, Grammy week, DIY Convention) so today I'll just post a few Grammy Award observations...

Mariah Carey's awards should have been televised. She worked hard to regain her career, and politics shouldn't get in the way of her comeback moment.

Kelly Clarkson: Kelly's the real deal, and it's great to see her rewarded for that. Let her thank who she wants; she was in a daze, so leave her alone. I would be too.

Christina Aguilera: Christina looked beautiful and started off great, but got a bad case of the runs. The voice is already great without doing a run on every line. (Remember Mulan?)

Jamie Foxx and Kanye West: That was fun. Well done play on the lyrics, and the choreography was a blast.

Sly Stone: It's not easy to get up there after 14 years, in front of that crowd.

Green Day: Seeing them win was very cool.

Madonna and The Gorillas: I continue to be amused by the media who don't know the Gorillas have always been animated.

Keith Urban: Really nice performance of his hit. I like the guy.

Song of the Year: Should have been Rascal Flatts' Bless this Broken Road. It's a very well crafted song, and if I'm not even a country fan and know and like it, that says something.

Random Thoughts:

Randy Jackson: It was great to see Randy Jackson onstage. People who only know him from American Idol don't realize what a great, well respected session player he is. Before Idol, I'd seen him play live with at least 3 different artists: Journey, one of the Stanleys (Stanley Clarke or Stanley Jordan; I've seen them both and it's been a while), and Jon Bon Jovi. I met Randy backstage once and always associate him with a big smile and a booming laugh. He seemed genuinely happy to see everyone he met and had great energy. I walked away thinking, "There's a man who truly loves his job.

Ryan Seacrest: Loved Ryan Seacrest's coverage of the pre-show on E and how calmly he handles the chaos. (When someone did a porn star pose on the green carpet he deadpanned, "A little subtlety here tonight on the green carpet...") Ryan Seacrest was the weekend DJ on my station when I first moved to L.A., and I could never remember the poor guy's name and kept referring to him as Ryan Secrets or Ryan Seacrets. It's been very cool seeing his star take off. He's worked his butt off for it and deserves the rewards he's getting.

Live your dreams!

Randi Reed
Founder / Editor-in-Chief

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