Monday, March 24, 2008

Playlist Easter Weekend March 22 and 23, 2008

Rolling Stones: Let It Bleed
Rolling Stones: High Tide and Green Grass Greatest Hits
Manic Street Preachers Send Away the Tigers
Arcade FireNeon Bible
Sixx AM: The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack
Beatles 1
Buddy Holly Greatest Hits
Loretta Lynn (with Jack White of the White Stripes): Van Lear Rose
Elvis Presley: Greatest Jukebox Hits
The Strokes Is This It
The Killers Hot Fuss
Elton John: Madman Across The Water
Patsy Cline: 12 Greatest Hits
album track: I Don't Love You Anymore London Quireboys
album track: Levon Jon Bon Jovi, from Two Rooms Elton John and Bernie Taupin tribute Album
album track: The Bitch Is Back Tina Turner, from Two Rooms Elton John and Bernie Taupin tribute Album

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Lennon-McCartney night on American Idol?

So American Idol is changing the performance schedule in order to do another Lennon-McCartney night.

Another night of butchering the Beatles. Heaven help us...

When the first one was announced, the eternal optimist in me had high hopes that a contestant or two might rediscover a lesser-known gem, rearrange it, and have a performance as good as David Cook's amazing "Hello" a couple of weeks ago.

After seeing the performances, I came to my senses.

As every decent musician knows, Beatles songs are something you sit around playing and singing at home with your friends on acoustic guitars.You don't dare actually sing one in public, because no one will ever do them as well as they did, so you can never really make them your own.

Not even the best of the best will go there, other than as a fun encore at the end of the night (often with a playful McCartney-style headshake in acknowledgment). Or at a tribute event for one of the fallen Beatles. In other words, those that dare perform them in front of an audience know the deal: those songs, and the Beatles' performances of them, were perfect.

So it's reeeeeeally awkward watching the less-than-the best use those songs to try to get their careers happening.

All I can say is...if they must, I hope they go deep into the catalog.

You can read more about song selection and choosing cover songs here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nikki Sixx's The Heroin Diaries: Recommended Reading for Managers, Aspiring Rock Stars, Addicts, and Loved Ones

Although it's been out for a while now, this week I finally read Nikki Sixx's book, The Heroin Diaries.

Excellent book...It's a very brave book that explains addiction better than anything I've ever read. I highly recommend it for anyone who, like myself, has had friends or loved ones who have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction.

It should also be required reading for every artist manager or aspiring rock star.

If you're unfamiliar with the book, The Heroin Diaries came from Nikki Sixx's personal diaries from 1986-1987, the height of his drug addiction. It also coincided with the height of Motley Crue's career. He had vowed to himself to document everything in his journals...and he did, warts and all.

Nikki Sixx is donating proceeds from the book and his band Sixx: A.M.'s accompanying The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack to a music program he's started at Covenant House called Running Wild in the Night. Very cool.

More info can be found at, and at

This post is dedicated to Bob Timmons, who helped many people, including Nikki Sixx, get clean and sober.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

New Section Over at

Hi Everyone,

When I'm coaching someone in live performance, and in articles I write over at the main site, I often refer to specific artists, songs, or performances as an example to get the point across...

...And since the beginning of 10 years ago, we've wanted to implement video examples into the site by including video of artist's specific performances. Until recently, performance royalties and bandwidth expense made it impractical.

Therefore, we give you
The MBADC Performance Coach. You'll find it in the left-hand menu over at

When you click on it, you'll find links to video clips, along with what you can learn from each performance, and what to look for that made us cite it as an example. (Where applicable, you'll also find a link to the article in which we've cited it as an example.)

Each clip, and each artist, has something you can learn...whether or not the artist is in your musical genre, or whether or not you even like that particular artist. It's all about learning from the best, and expanding your creativity.

More links to video are coming weekly, as we find them. In most cases have specific performances in mind, so it sometimes takes a little while to track it down and find the best version.

In fact, as soon as I post this I'm off to continue the search for a clip of this one band that...well, I'll leave that for you to see later.

Make something great happen today,
Randi Reed
Founder / Editor in Chief,