Sunday, July 27, 2014

MBADC Editor's Letter July 27, 2014: Dreams and Motley Redemption, and 7 Things I've Learned This Month

What a week...

Four hard deadlines, two more soft deadlines I really want to wrap up, and Mötley Crüe at the Hollywood Bowl.

For that matter, what a month.
Things I learned this month (and it ain't over yet):

1. If you want to be busier than ever, buy a good book you've been wanting to read. Your phone, texts, and email will go crazy, and the book will remain untouched. If it's a hard copy, it will remain exactly where you put it when you opened it.

2. Doing two all-nighters and a three:AM-er back-to-back in a week to complete a last minute project is possible, though not necessarily recommended. (If you attempt it, your favorite Barista will begin making your drink before you even speak.)

3. Mötley Crüe at the Bowl + and your mom finally being declared Leukemia-free after months of countless rounds of chemo all in the same month?

 =  F**cking Priceless!!! :-)

4. I gotta get a new exclamation phrase.

5. Alice Cooper is an amazing performer. I'd booked him or worked on his shows many times over the years but had never managed to actually see his show (occupational hazard). If you want to learn how to command a stage, try to find a clip of Alice doing "Billion Dollar Babies" at the Bowl last week (7/2114), and watch how he moves. It's not how much he moves--it's the way he moves. Alice is just as commanding when he stands still.

6. I already knew this, but this is for those of you who've found this blog via keywords like "How did Nikki Sixx get clean?" because of this post from 2008:

You can do it, and work your butt off at it, your life can be even better than you've ever imagined. Witness: Nikki Sixx at the Hollywood Bowl last week. I remember when no one thought that man would live, and many people wrote him off and still won't talk to him because of things he said and did as a practicing addict. He stepped up, he did the work, and he still works hard every day to keep the great life he's slowly earned back. If Nikki Sixx can do it, I truly believe anyone can.

7. Carl's Jr. does still have the Charbroiled Teriyaki Chicken sandwich. It's not on the menu, but they do still have it, pineapple and all. ;-)

8. Always remind your nervous lead singer to take off his laminate before going out onstage. (If he's really new, remind him to hand you his wallet and keys, because he's probably wearing those, too.)

Now if I can just squeeze in that website redesign before the end of the summer...Oh, and I need to do some stuff to our much-neglected Pinterest. And about my Bio, which can't decide what font size it's going to display...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're coming...

No, but seriously, you'll be seeing changes to a lot of stuff in coming weeks and months, and you'll see a lot of things being taken offline, altered, and put back up again. Basically,  a lot of, uh, "Beta Testing." (Get real. It's experimentation.) Your patience is appreciated.

Hope your summer is going great, too!

RR :-)