Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams R.I.P. 1951-2014: Shining Brilliance

Some people shine so brightly, the planet can’t contain them.

Like brilliant gems, they are the rarest of beings, created under pressure, and sparkling.

I think of Robin Williams as one of those people.

No matter what endeavors they undertake, no matter how successful they may be at those endeavors, and no matter how hard those people may try to be like everyone else, they always shine brighter…whether they want to or not, and whether or not they deep-down believe they even deserve to.

It must be incredibly painful at times…

Especially during those times when, instead of being a brilliant, sparkling gem, maybe they just want to be a pebble and blend in.

Shining brilliance comes with a lot of responsibilities, whether they’re wanted or not.

Shining brilliance is a lot to live up to.

Today I heard a lot of people refer to Robin Williams and his talent as “genius”.

On any other day, I’d agree with them. I’ve said it myself about him many times.

Today, part of me aches when I hear so many people use the word “genius” in reference to him, because I wonder if trying to live up to expectations that come with that word contributed to his pain.

I didn’t know Robin Williams, but he struck me as a gentle spirit.

Maybe, all that shining brilliance was too much to handle. Maybe that shining brilliance was too much for a gentle spirit to grasp, and too much to be contained in one human being, on one small planet.

Robin Williams' death came between last night's Supermoon, and tonight's Perseid Meteor Showers, which seems eerie and strangely fitting.

Maybe, ultimately, all that shining brilliance needed to fly free of the Earthly anchors that  that must have strained to hold his creative spirit enough for average mortals to even barely grasp…

…Especially for him to grasp, because he, too was mortal.

Fly free, and shine brightly, Mr. Williams. May you find peace.    

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

1 800 273 –TALK (8255)

Suicide Prevention Hotline Number (Robin Williams R.I.P.)

Los Angeles is a somber-feeling city today. It feels like the entire show business community is in mourning. I think we are.

Robin Williams, one of the most creative, talented beings we've ever been blessed with, has died of an apparent suicide. He was struggling with depression and had battled addiction issues. He was sober for 20 years, and then his alcohol addiction took hold again.

Robin Williams was so well loved in this town.  He touched so many people with his talent, and his generosity, and his friendship. He was one of the few who people in this most self-absorbed of cities truly rooted for, and their love for him was genuine. The feeling of sadness in this town today is palpable.

If you or someone you know are struggling with depression and thinking of suicide, however fleetingly, call this number:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
1 800 273 –TALK (8255)

If you think people don't care about you, or that the world would be better off without you, you are absolutely, positively, 100% wrong.


Friday, August 08, 2014

I'm Quoted in Solveig Whitle's Musician Blog: "25 Tips From Music Marketing Experts For an Indie Release"


I'm quoted on the August 07 edition of the Solveig Whittle Music, Marketing, and Social Media blog, (along with with some fabulous people like the legendary Bob Baker), in an article called "25 Tips From Music Marketing Experts For an Indie Release".

One of the coolest things about the article is the breadth of ideas...everything from simple and easy tips, to  detailed steps. There's really good stuff in there, from many points of view.

It was an honor to be asked, and working with the Solveig Whittle team was a pleasure.

I've had such a crazy week (three different deadlines), I haven't had a chance to even add it to the Media Tools section of my bio yet, so you're among the first to know.

Don't follow my lead on that, by the way...Unlike me, when you get press or media attention, you'll do it correctly by adding it to the "Media" section of your website right away. Right???

Remember: media attention isn't isn't for your ego. It's to bring you new opportunities.

Have a great weekend!