Friday, March 21, 2014

My Margaret Sames Recipe Featured in "Best Margarita Recipe Ever!" in Latin Times Today, and an Example of How the Media Gets Things Wrong

An early version of, had a recipe section (in our Lifestyle department) called The Starving Musician. It was popular but a pain to do every month, because I personally wrote out and tested each recipe in a kitchen space the size of a tour bus kitchen, to be sure each recipe worked.

In 2004, we posted my ""Margarita Sames' Original December 1948 Margarita" recipe. Being a fan of pop culture history and a collector of vintage recipes, I did some research on the history of the  Margarita and included my findings in the intro to the recipe.
Today, Latin Times posted that recipe, crediting me. That's very kind of them, and I thank them for thinking of the recipe when compiling their "Best Ever Margaritas!" article.

However, something was lost in translation. The photo caption in the article says I "claimed to have met Margaret Sames" in the 1990's. That is incorrect. I have never claimed to have had the pleasure of meeting Margaret "Margarita" Sames, and Latin Times never contacted me to fact-check the article or ask for permission to print my version of the Sames recipe--which is my copyrighted material.

When I saw the error, I immediately tweeted the Latin Times writer, Susmita Baral who wrote the Best Ever Margaritas! article, to ask for a retraction or correction.(Her email address is not on the Latin Times website, or I would have asked privately.) [Update 7/30/14: Ms. Baral never responded and removed my recipe.]

What I actually wrote in the recipe article in The Starving Musician section on in 2004 was, "This recipe is from the notes I took when Margarita Sames was on a TV talk show in the early 1990's."

I was at home sick and saw her on TV!!! (She may have been on something called The Home Show, but don't quote me on that.) I was not at the taping, and never claimed to be. changed web hosts and servers long ago, and we removed that section for a possible return at some point, so the article is no longer on our servers. I do, however, have a text-only print out of that Starving Musician article sitting in front of me, which I've scanned it for you below. (I'd printed it out for my recipe box during data recovery after a computer crash, so you'll see a date of 2010 at the bottom.)

That, my friends, is how stuff gets twisted in the media, however accidentally.

P.S. I've tried a variety of tequillas in this recipe. My preference is 2 jiggers of Cazadores Reposado, and very little or to salt on the glass. (Need glasses? Margarita glasses didn't exist in 1948, so if you're setting up a bar with a vintage vibe, champagne coupes are the way to go. They're also versatile, so they save space.)