Friday, May 30, 2014

MusicBizAdvice Announcement Just For Loyal Readers Before the "Official" Announcement

Pssst...Hey, you! 

Yeah, you!

Because you're loyal readers of this blog and, I'm telling you something no one else knows yet. I'm telling you even before the "official" announcement goes out:

Starting in June, will accept Bitcoin virtual currency for our consultation services. 

Actually, me personally, because I'm the one insisting on adding this form of payment. That's only fair, right?

It's something we've been wanting to do since 2010, but the market wasn't ready. So, we had to put it on the back burner until I felt enough merchants were on board to make it worthwhile.

DirecTV's announcement this week that they're accepting Bitcoin through Coinbase is exactly what was needed, because Coinbase is our chosen Bitcoin payment processor, too.
Details to follow soon.

Risky from our end? Yes. But accepting Bitcoin for consultations is just one of many ways is making it easier for bands to manage themselves, and for managers who are new to the industry to get better at it. Bringing good, client-centric managers into the industry is very important, because, who needs a stinkin' bad manager who doesn't care about their clients?

Meanwhile, here's a tip you can use now, regardless of where you are in the industry (or even regardless of your profession):

If something that looks cool and potentially helpful but the rest of the world hasn't caught on yet, take some actions toward implementing it anyway. Research it, do what you can without incurring much expense, if any, and keep it on the back burner. And tell no one.

If and when conditions are right, you'll be ready to act. If it never pans out, you're not out any money, and you've probably learned a lot.

Meanwhile, if you're about to head out on tour, rock on. :-)


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